How many winners are there?

There will be one winning Start Up from South Africa. The winning startup will send one founder to represent their startup and partake in the startup experience.

When will the winner’s five-day startup experience take place? 

September, 2017

Do I need to be available for the entirety of the trip?

Yes. Winners need to be available for all the dates of the trip and commit to being in Israel for the entire duration.

Who is eligible to enter?

The competition is open to any company in the Hi-tech field who is in early stage seed funding. The prize will be for one CEO or senior executive from the winning company. Only one founding member of a startup company may submit the company to the Start Tel Aviv competition and that the founder will be subject to the conditions below. The prize will be given to the founder who entered the competition.

How does the judging work?

Our panel of judges includes highly experienced people from the start-up community, including successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, finance/legal professionals. All entries submitted via our online portal will be reviewed by the judging panel.

Judges will evaluate the entries based on official criteria.

I’m having problems submitting my entry, who can I contact to help me?

If you are experiencing any issues or problems, please contact:


My ideas are confidential – will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Investors rarely sign confidentiality agreements. However, teams can be assured that the judges and Bizcamp Tel Aviv will strictly uphold the integrity of the competition.

Teams are encouraged to describe their business concept without fully disclosing their proprietary assets.

What about my Intellectual Property rights?

Bizcamp Tel Aviv has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that contestants retain their rights to their business plans and any intellectual property. The sponsors, partners, participants and judges of the competition include organisations and individuals who are interested in fostering entrepreneurship around the world. Some of these organisations and individuals are in the business of working with and investing in the ideas of entrepreneurs. However, sponsors will not have access to all the plans and shall make no claims to any of the property or rights.

In any case, the protection of these rights is the ultimate responsibility of each contestant. Contestants are urged to mark as “CONFIDENTIAL” on any portion of their entries, which they deem to be confidential.

Please also note that information supplied by contestants via the online registration may be used by the Competition Organisers in marketing materials or press releases.

What does the Prize include?

The prize includes round trip airfare from Johannesburg to Tel Aviv and all accommodation and programme elements in Israel. Once you are in Israel, you will just need spending money.


Closing competition date is 15 June 2017


You should expect media interest and the winner will be available for interviews before, during and after the competition to talk about their experiences. Your company name and photos of you will also be made available for publicity (your company idea can remain confidential if there are reasons to do so) We will also ask the winner to keep a short video diary of their experience which will be used by the competition organizer as appropriate.