This year the competition is looking for the top CEO for a startup aimed at making the world a better place: Social entrepreneurship, Urbanic renewal and ICT startups.

Imagine flying to Israel:“Start-Up Nation”, joining with other start-ups from around the world and having the chance to pitch to angel investors, get ideas and tips and mix with some of the biggest names in the hi-tech world?

Well that is the exact prize we are offering!

The prize is an intense, all-expense-paid, five-day startup experience in the heart of Tel Aviv in September 2017, during the exciting and innovative DLD Festival, and prizes are awarded to thirteen of the competing startups from around the world. Winning startup founders are joined by local Israeli entrepreneurs to participate in lectures, workshops and meetings with leading Israeli investors and professionals. The winning startup experience takes place during the DLD Festival week (see for more), and participants have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, investors, designers, artists, scientists, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.

At Start Tel Aviv, you’ll meet entrepreneurs from across the world who are on the path to bigger things and beginning to make their ideas shine and many of those who are the biggest in the world.

Tell us a little about yourself, and your innovative business idea, and you could be part of an all-expenses paid trip to the world’s most dynamic places for start-ups = Tel Aviv, Israel.

So, waste no time, enter now and you could soon be on your way to Start Tel Aviv 2017 for the trip and opportunity of a lifetime!

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS Thursday the 15th June 2017



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“If you go to the Middle East looking for oil, you don’t need to stop in Israel.  But if you go looking for brains, energy and integrity, it is the only stop,”

Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway.